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Dr. Joe McCord
One of the most exciting discoveries in medicine has clinical researched peer reviewed articles proving the effects of Protandim on every cell in the body. If youíre a physician, medical professional, or would just like more proof based on hard science, than watch these videos with Dr. Joe McCord

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Dr. McCord, Ohio State Study and Effects on Heart Health
Dr. McCord on the Creation of Protandim and Nrf2
Click the link below to watch the
ABC News Report that started this whole
explosion on Nrf2 Activation!

Dr. Perlmutter on Protandim-Synergy, Glutathione
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Dr. McCord on Chemotherapy and Nrf2 on PubMed
Dr. Mark Gordon - Cardiologist
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Protandim And Animal Health
Give all glory to God
Dr. McCord talks about the little yellow pill  and
Nrf2 on Cancer, Alzheimer's and More..
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Dr. Maniscalo Cardiologist
Wrinkles Gone in 3 Minutes! Click Here!
See Petandim Product Sheet
Study conducted by Prasongsook, Naiyarat, M.S., COLLEGE OF MEDICINE - MAYO CLINIC,